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1906 May-July

Series V, number 1 of the quarterly Bulletin of the School of Law. The inserted subscription card is also included.

ca. 1817/1818

Letter to Shepherd, the Attorney General, from Scott, the first Earl of Eldon, in which Scott offers Shepherd consolation for cases that failed to win convictions.

1898 March 9

An account of Jonathan Abbey's trust and William Hunter's legacy of £400.

1791 December 28

Manor of Leiston: Instrument detailing William Shuldham's surrender of tenancy to the use of William Rust and Rust's subsequent admission. Shuldham's surrender had occured out of court earlier in the month, and he served as the gentleman steward…

1669 October 21

Manor of Eye: Admission of Susanna Charity following the deaths of Gawen Armstead, her brother, and Thomas Armstead, Gawen's son.

1735 April 10

Manor of Eye: admittance of John Thurlby as tenant according to the will of and testament of William Thurlby, his late brother.

1799 March 15

Manor of Leiston: this deed details how, upon the death of William Rust, Phyllis Weeding, Rust's daughter, was admitted as tenant.

1759 October 24

Streatham Manor: this deed details the admission of Nicholas Burt as tenant after Stephen Woolgar surrendered his tenancy to Burt's use.

1760 April 30

Streatham Manor: Admission of Thomas Godson as tenant due to the surrender of Nicholas Burt's tenancy to Godson's use.

1767 October 27

Streatham Manor: two deeds documenting William Adler's admission as tenant upon the death of his cousin, Thomas Godson. One of the deeds features an excerpt from Godson's last will and testament and traces how Adler came to possess the property.
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