1760 April 30


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Description: Streatham Manor: Admission of Thomas Godson as tenant due to the surrender of Nicholas Burt's tenancy to Godson's use.

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Manorial Deeds
Streatham Manor
Box 7, Folder 14
1760 April 30
Parchment; 1 sheet

Admittance: The deed in which Nicholas Burt was admitted as tenant.

Surrender and Admittance: Surrender of John Briggs's tenancy to the use of Thomas Godson, who was admitted as tenant.

Admittance: Two deeds documenting William Adler's admission as tenant upon the death of his cousin, Thomas Godson.

Admittance: Two deeds documenting the admission of George Piercy as tenant due to the surrender of Hannah Godson and William Adler.

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