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1735 April 10

Manor of Eye: admittance of John Thurlby as tenant according to the will of and testament of William Thurlby, his late brother.

1675 April 16

Manor of Eye: surrender of tenancy by (John Balderstone?) to the use of Jonathan Wilson, who was then admitted as tenant.

1669 October 21

Manor of Eye: Admission of Susanna Charity following the deaths of Gawen Armstead, her brother, and Thomas Armstead, Gawen's son.


Manor of Eye: Two documents relating to a land transfer between John Thurlby and Richard Tryce: 1) a receipt for rent that had been owed to Thurlby by his former tenant but was paid to him by Tryce after the property transfer had taken place; 2) a…

ca. 1707-1736

Manor of Eye: An assortment of documents relating tothe transfer of land between Edward Cole and Richard Tryce, including: a letter from Cole to attorney (John?) Blackwell; an agreement for Cole to rent the sold land; a land terrar; an account of…

1685 October 5

Manor of Eye: Instrument in which Thomas Vesey surrendered his tenancy to the use of his widow, Elizabeth, who was admitted as tenant.

1684 April 7

Manor of Eye: Instrument in which Jonathan Wilson surrendered his tenancy and John Cole was admitted as tenant.

1681 April 7

Manor of Eye: an instrument in which John Read surrendered his tenancy and Thomas Vesey and his wife, Elizabeth, were admitted as tenants.
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