Northwestern University Bulletin: The School of Law, 1962-1963
1962 March 5

Northwestern University Bulletin: The School of Law, 1962-1963

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The annual bulletin (vol. LXII, no. 14) for the 1962-1963 academic year.

One copy of this issue, previously owned by Dorothy Scarborough, Head of Book Selection in the library, included copies of the class schedules for the fall and spring semesters. They are included here.

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1962 March 5


Vol. LXII No. Published Northwestern University East Chicago Avenue Chicago Illinois Chicago Ill. BULLETIN OF THE SCHOOL OF LAW FOR THE ACADEMIC YEAR PUBLISHED BY NORTHWESTERN UNIVERSITY CHICAGO AND EVANSTON ILLINOIS OFFICERS FACULTY AND STAFF LAW STUDY AT NORTHWESTERN THE LAW SCHOOL Location Professional Campus Law School Buildings Classrooms Seminar Rooms Courtroom Library Student Facilities Faculty Offices THE COURSE Of INSTRUCTION Classes Three Year Curriculum Faculty Methods Instruction Case Method Problem Method Seminars Practice Courses Required Courses Limitations Work Limited Enrollment Curriculum Supplemental Programs Rosenthal Lectures Linthicum Founda Program Criminal Law Program Program International Legal Studies THE STUDENT BODY Legal Publications Moot Court Competition Student Responsibility Junior Bar Association Honor Code Student Activities Recreation Social Activities Student Wives Student Residence Student Health Service THE ACADEMIC PROGRAM Admission Transfer Pre Study Tuition Fees Expenses Scholarships Grants Financial Assistance Examinations Grades Honors Prizes Degrees GRADUATE STUDY IN LAW Admission Graduate Study Degrees Tuition Fees Expenses Graduate Fellowships International Legal Studies Criminal Law Teaching Associates PLACEMENT THE LAW ALUMNI ASSOCIATION REGISTER OF COLLEGES AND UNIVERSITIES CALENDAR SCHEDULES AND HOURS DIRECTORY FOR CORRESPONDENCE INDEX MAP OF THE CHICACO CAMPUS . Research . Class . Public . OFFICERS OF THE UNIVERSITY J. RoscoE MILLER PAYSON S. WILD WILLIAMS. KERR ARTHUR T. ScHMEHLING LYNFORD E. KAUTZ WILLIAM C. BRADFORD JENS NYHOLM ALBA WEBER FRANK S. ENDICOTT FACULTY AND STAFF JoHN RITCHIE JoHN EDMUND CooNs JEFFREY ANDREW FILLMAN HAROLD CANFIELD HAVIGHURST ALFRED HILL FRED EDWARD INBAU VANCE NATHANIEL KIRBY BRUNSON MACCHESNEY PHILIP JOHN MURPHY NATHANIEL Louis NATHANSON ALEXANDER NEKAM WILLARD HIRAM PEDRICK JAMES ANDREW RAHL HARRY BROWNE REESE WILLIAM ROBERT RoALFE DAvrn STURTEVANT RUDER HowARD RAYMOND SACKS DANIEL MERRICK SCHUYLER KuRT SCHWERIN Assistant Librarian CLAUDE RAYMOND SowLE WILLIAM MAYOR TRUMBULL PAUL D. CARRINGTON Law MICHAEL H. CARDOZO Summer Session HENRY H. FosTER VIcTOR G. ROSENBLUM BRAHM BAITTLE WILLIAM WEBB BRADY ALEX ELSON JAY A. ERENS KARL DE SCHWEINITZ WALTER T. FISHER RAY GARRETT IRVING GOLDSTEIN ROBERT F. HANLEY ALBERT KEGAN Consumer Protective Legislation LUCILLE L EBERMAN WILLIAM W. McKITTRICK JuLIAN A. MILLER WALTER VINCENT SCHAEFER HAROLD D. SHAPIRO KATHRYN D. SowLE ERNEST S. WOLF SPECIAL LECTURERS VIRGIL PETERSON TEACHING ASSOCIATES HARVEY M. ADELSTEIN STEPHEN C . DESCH EDWIN H. GREENEBAUM JAMES . IRWIN PUBLICATIONS STAFF WILLARD H . PEDRICK University Law Review CLAUDE R. SowLE Police Science KATHRY N D . SOWLE Law GRESHAM M. SYKES Police Science ORDWAY HILTON Criminology Police Science FREDE. INBAU Criminology Police Science MARIE D. CHRISTIANSEN JOANNE KAVOLIS GENERAL OFFICE STAFF ELEANOR B. WILLIAMS MAR ION MuRNER DOROTHY T. WHALLEY CYNTHIA PETERSON JoAN E. KUMOR IRENE S. BERNSTEIN SARAH F. HALPER KATHRYN G. HARDY GRACE T. MURAMOTO DOROTHY L COLLINS M CHALENE A. LASALLO SHYAM CHARAN MAJHI LIBRARY STAFF WILLIAM R. RoALFE KuRT SCHWERIN DOROTHY SCARBOROUGH ELAINE E. TEIGLER Librarian IRIS J. WILDMAN DOROTHY KLOFKORN IDA M . OLSON ROMAN SAJEWICH ROMAN DMYTERKO JoHN L IGLAR KARIN A. ZIEGENHAGEN SELMA KRAHN MARY ANN HARRISON PAUL J. LUKASIEWICZ JosEPH E. ULLRICH PHILIP T . KALAYIL LAW STUDY Where ... David Dudley Field Law School . AT NORTHWESTERN School Law . Law School . Professional . Early Law School . Today Northwestern . School. Law School maill . Those . . School . Law School JO . . Northwestern . . School . Long > Law School . Jaw . With University Law School . II THE LAW SCHOOL . . . . Sir William Searle Holdsworth Law School Jun . Unlike . . More . . Professional . There . There . . LOCATION Law School Lake Michigan Chicago. To Grant Park . To Gold Coast . Near . A Chicago Loop . Here . Law School United States Court Appeals. Situated Law School . Frequent . PROFESSIONAL CAMPUS Law School University. Surrounding Law School Graduate School Business Administration Medical Dental Schools. Also Thorne Hall Abbott Hall . Living . Twelve University Evanston . Law School . Physically Law School . University . Outstanding Law School . Bounded L Michigan Law School . LAW SCHOOL BUILDINGS Law School Chicago Avenue Superior Street. Levy H Elbert H. Gary Library . Robert R. McCormick Hall Owen L. Coon Library School . Gothic English . Law School . Bordered . Law School . Medallions paHeled . Some Dean John H. Wigmore U States England Continent School . T . Both Robert R . McCormick Hall . CLASSROOMS Law School . These . . . Such Northwestern. . . £ . Lincoln Hall British House Commons . . SEMINAR ROOMS Law School . Here . . Notable £ School Wigmore Room . Installed Wigmore Counsellor Chorus Law School Dean Wigmore . MacChesney Hall . Williams Room . Two . COURTROOM School . Of Getz Courtroom . LIBRARY . Law School. Northwestern Law School Elbert H. Gary Library Owen L. Coon Library. Law School Chicago Avenue Superior Street . Chicago . More . secl . . School. Included . . . School . To . . . During School . United States Great Britain Commonwealth English Ian Student . Study . . Anglo American . English . More . European Japan Latin American . Furthering . . Holdings . Roman . Law School University . A Hardy Scholars Treasure Room . These . Many . A . . They . Although . A . . To . Comfortably . STUDENT FACILITIES . To Law School . Lounges Levy Hall . Lowden Hall School Illinois Law School. Its . On . A Law School . Here . Each . These School . Separate . Junior Bar Association Law Review R Student Book Exchange S.J.D. . FACULTY OFFICES Law School . Law School . . THE COURSE [Here ] . . . . .. . Justi Oliver W Holmes Law School . OF INSTRUCTION Law School . . Anglo American . . Rather . Human . Law . Every . Effective . Reflening Law School . . Beyond . . . . CLASSES Law School . Class . Two . Time . . Law School . Some . Course Criminal Law Property Contracts Torts Lord Coke Blackstone. . Today Torts . Property . Criminal Law . Contracts . . Law School . . Within . So Labor Relations Taxation Administrative Law Civil Rights Trade Relations Law School . Courses International Law Scientific Evidence Comparative Law International Business Transactions . THE THREE YEAR CURRICULUM Northwestern . Beginning Law School . By . During . Here Property Tort Contract Constitutional Law Criminal Law. . A . Some . . . . A . Lawyers . Law School . . An Law Industrial Society Corporations Labor Relations Trade Relations . Problems . University . . Small . . FACULTY Law School . Each . Many . Their . Such . School . Four Teaching Associates School. These American British . THE METHODS OF INSTRUCTION . No . To Northwestern Law School . First Law School . . Seminars . Instruction . School . Law School . . THE CASE METHOD . Law School . . . . Casebooks Law School . Through . Although . Under . . Northwestern . Socratic . Questions . . Through . Although . . From . With . Since . With . . THE PROBLEM METHOD L School . Here . . t . Perhaps . Perhaps . . Consultative School . Characteristically . . Discussion . . . Nor . Often . SEMINARS Opportunities . Here . . . Emerging . And . . Experts . Often . With . Some Law School . PRACTICE COURSES One American . . . Law School . Prominent Legal Clinic. Northwestern . Under Clinic . Clinic . . During Court. Practicing . . . . . Most . To Law School . . . REQUIRED COURSES Juris Doctor Bachelor Laws . Law R Seminar Legal Clinic Law R Board Accounting Professional Responsibility International Law. Although . LIMITATIONS OF WORK Courses . A . A Dean . LIMITED ENROLLMENT Trial Technique Trial Practice . School Trial Technique Trial Prac . CURRICULUM FIRST YEAR FIRST SEMESTER CONTR ACTS * M R. HAVIGHURST ]\/ . SHAPIRO · . Havighurst Cases Materials Law Con .. T . C RIMI NAL LAW \lIR. N BA U MR. SOWLE Concepts • . . Inba Sowle Cases Comments Criminal . LEGAL WRITING AND RESEARCH JVIR . RoALFE TEACHING ASSOCIATES Exercises . . Emphasis . Lectures . Roalfe How Find Law .. PROPERTY MR. SCHUYLER MR. COONS Introduction . Historical . . Fraser Cases R . Property .. TOR TS MR. PEDRICK Protection . Green Malone Pedrick Rahl Cases Torts. . SECOND SEMESTER AGENCY AND PARTNERSHIP JVIR. HILL JVIR. RUDER Consideration . Seavey R Hill Agency Partnership. CONSTITUTIONAL LAW MR. NATHANSON JVIR. ROSENBLUM . Casebook . CONTRACTS II MR. HAVIGHURST MR. COONS . FUTURE INTERESTS MR. SCHUYLER Future Shelley . Leach Cases Future Interests Carey Schuyler Illinois Law Future Int . MOOT COURT MR. RUDER MR. FILLMAN AND TEACHING ASSOCIATES . Stated Supreme Court Northwestern School . Appellate . Individual Teaching Associates. TORTS II MR. RAHL . Additional Green Malone Pedrick R Cases Injuries Relations. ACCOUNTING SECOND YEAR FIRST SEMESTER MR. BRADY Principles . Not . ADMINISTRATIVE AND LEGISLATIVE PROCESSES MR. NATHANSON NIR. ROSENBLUM . Jaffe Nathanson Administrative Law Cases Niaterials Gellhorn Byse Problems Administrative Law. CORPORATIONS MR. H ILL MR. RUDER Relations S.E.C. Baker Cary Cases J\ Corporations. CIVIL PROCEDURE MR. REESE Structure . . Scott R Cases Civil Procedure Federal Rules Civil Procedu United Stal District Courts. . DECEDENTS ESTATES AND TRUSTS MR. RITCHI E Intes . Ritchie Alford Effland Cases Materials D Estates T .. SECOND SEMESTER CIVIL PROCEDURE MR. R EESE . COMMERCIAL L AW MR. T RUMBULL Sales . Honnold Cases Sales Sales Financing Farnsworth Cases Negotiable Uniform Commercial Code Text Comment Edition . EVIDENCE MR. FILLMAN T . Morgan Magu Ve Cases M. Evidence .. FEDERAL ESTATE AND GIFT TAXATION MR. KIRBY MR. PEDRICK Federal Estate Gift Taxes . Pedrick Kirby Problems Cases Materials Federal Estate Gift Taxation . A Federal Estate Gift Taxation Federal Taxation . LEGAL CLINIC Optional MR. MURPHY Second Legal Clinic . . REAL ESTATE TRANSACTIONS MR. CooNs Transfer . Casebook . SEMI NAR S Second . MOOT CO UR T II T Mr. Ruder . . A . T Lowden \ \Tigmore . T School Nation Moot Court Competition . T New York City. THIRD YEAR FIRST SEMESTER ADMIRAL TY MR. MACCHESNEY General . Jurisdi . Morrison Stumberg Cases Materia Admiralty . CO MMER CIAL LAW II MR. TRU MBULL Advanced . Uniform Commercial Code Text Comment Edition . DEBT OR CR EDIT OR R ELATIONS MR. NEKAM A . Federal Bankrup Act . Moore D Creditors R Cases Materials. FEDERAL INCOME T AXATJON MR. K IRBY T . Pedrick Kirb Problems Federal Income Taxation Surrey \/ Federal T Cases JVI. Student Ta Service. LABOR RELATIO NS MR. McKnTRICK Organ . . Mathews Labor R Cases Materials. TRADE RELATIONS ! MR. RAHL Federal . Oppenh Cases Federal Antitrust Laws Rahl SupjJlementary Cases Nlaterials Trade R . SEMINARS Criminal Law MR. NBA U A . Estate Planning MR. KIRBY MR. PEDRICK Alternative D Estates Trusts Corporations Future Interes Insuran R Estate Transactions Income Estate Gift Taxation. Practi . Fiduciary Administration MR. KIRBY An . Satisfactory Deced Estates Trusts . Government Land MR. R EESE Problems FHA . Intellectual Property iVIR . KEGAN . A . Fundamental . Administrati . Proprietary . Grants . Infringement . Pate . T . Probl . International Business Transactions MR. NEKAM . Mimeographed . International Law J\ R. MAcC ESNEY An . . Pamphlet . ]urisjJruclence iVIR. Ros£NBLU\ Intensive . . Northwestern . g . Materials Aristotle Austin Bentham M . Fuller Problems ]urisf . Law Industrial Society MR. R UDER An . A . Assigned . Legislation M R. TRUM BULL Primaril . . . . Transportation Public Uti MR. NATHANSON A . Auerbach Na Federal R Transportation . SECOND SEMESTER Courses . CONFLICT OF LAWS AND INTERNATIONAL LAW MR. iVIAcC HESNEY Legal Constitution Act State . FAMILY LAW MR. NEKAM . Jacobs Goebel Cases Materials Domestic R .. Exploring . FEDER AL J U RISDICTION * MR. REESE H Jaw Supreme Co . H i Vechsler Federa Courts Federal System Th Judicial Co Ru Procedure Federa Courts. FEDER AL T AX POLICY J\fR. KIRBY M R. P E DRICK An Fed Income Taxation . A . INSURANCE LAW * MR. H A VIG H URST Forma Jaws . Go Cases L .. LEGAL CLINIC Parti Legal Clini Program Law R Board. Work R Sp Programs R Program MR. MURPHY Fifty Legal Aid Bureau Un Charities Chi West Madison Stree . T . A . SfJecial Program MR. SACKS MR. MURPHY Tra Lega Aid Bureau. Top . Legal Aid Bureau . A . Four Jun . Program Summer Session. Enrollment . One . . Mimeographed . PROFESSIONAL R ESPONSIBILITY MR. TRUMBULL Essential American . Discussions . R . Required . Trumbull Ma Lawyer Professional R . R ESTITUTION * MR. ERENS T . Durfee Dawson Cases Restitution. SCIENTIFIC EVIDENCE MR. NBAU . Scientific . TRIAL PRACTICE MR. HANLEY An . . TRIAL TECHNIQUE MR. GOLDSTEIN Methods . Goldstein Trial Technique Goldstein Trial Practice Cases. SEMINARS Antitrust Law MR. RAHL Application . Discussion . Trade Relations . Civil Liberties Nloclern Democratic Societies MR. NATHANSON MR. ROSENBLUM A . Comparative Law MR. NEKAM A . . Proposed . Corporation Finance MR. GARRETT Selected . About . . . . Emphasis . Corporations . Estate Planning MR. KIRBY MR. PEDRICK . Government Contracts MR. COONS An . Consideration . Int Business Transactions II MR. PEDRICK . Int Law MR. MACCHESNEY . Labor Law MR. ELSON Collective . Labor Relations . Law Review INSTRUCTOR TO BE ANNOUNCED Special Editorial Board Northwestern University Law Review. Legal History MR. SCHWERIN Studies Anglo American Continental . Selected . Problems Taxation Business Income MR. KIRBY An . . Enrollment . State L Government* MR. FISH ER D . United Sta . Materials . SUPPLEMENTAL PROGRAMS Law School . Lectures United States . Law School . Through . Many Law School . Others School. . THE ROSENTHAL LECTURES Julius Rosenthal Foundation Law School Chicago . Rosenthal Lecture Series . Pre . School Foundation Sir William Searle Holdsworth Vinerian Professor Law Oxford University. These Some Lessons From Our Legal History Macmillan Company. Antonio Sanchez Bustamente University Havana Permanent Court International Justice. John C. H. Wu Chief Justice Court Appeals Shanghai Law Codification Commission China. These Legal Systems Old New China Comparison Art Law Essays Juridical Literary Commercial Press. Jean Escarra Faculty Law University Paris. Charles Warren Supreme Court United States History . T Bankruptcy Un States History H U Press. Walton Hale Hamilton Professor Law Yale University. Henry T. Lummus Associate Justice Supreme .Judicial Court Massachusetts. T Tr Judge Foundation Press Inc. Lon L. Fuller Professor Law Harvard U . These Law Qu Itself Foundation Press . Un Nations . United Nations. Adlai E. Stevenson U States Ambassador Un Nations. Mr. Stevenson Internat R International Law. J N. Hazard Professor Russian Institute Columbia University Soviet U International Law Paul A. Freund Professor Law Harvard University On U Supreme Court Little Brown Co. J P. Dawson Professor Law Un M History Unjust Enrichment Un Enrichment A Comparative Analys Little Brown Co. Abraham H. Feller General Counsel U Nations World Law World Community U Nations United \Torld Com Little Brown Co. Charles Horsky District Columbia Lawyer Government Washington Lawyer Little Brown Co. Liability Air Carriers Rome Conference Eugene Pepin Legal Director International Civil Aeronautics Organization Th Essentials Sound Judicial System Arthur T. Vanderbilt Chief Justice Supreme Court New Jersey N Trials Robert H. Jackson Associate Justice Supreme Court United States. A Conference Revision Illinois Criminal Code Wa V. Schaefer Justice Supreme Court Illin H Wechsler Professor Law Columbia University. Adolf A. Berle Jr. Professor [ Law Columbia Un Century Ca R Harcourt Brace. James Willard Hurst Professor Law U Wisconsin Law Liberty Nineteenth Century Law Co Freedom N Ce U States U Wisconsin Press. Louis B. Sohn Pro [ Law Harvard University Ernest A. Gross Legal Advise Secretary General U Nations John]. ParkP Ch Judge United States Co Appeals Fourth Circui . · Individual Rule Law U New Japan Co No Ulwi Professor Law Politi Science Tokyo U Judicial Enforcement Desegregat Its Problems L A. E. Papale Dea School Law Loyola Un New Orl M Principles Punishment H L.A. Hart Professor .Jurisprudence Oxford Univers . L Green D Law Schoo Distinguis Professor Law U Texas Tort Liability Loss Insura T Victims Traffic Victims Tort Law Insura Northwestern U Press. Louis Eisenstein District Columb T Ideologies Taxatio R Press. R H Lord Raclcli[! Lord Ap Ordinary U Kingdom Law Its Compass Northwestern University Press. Professor Harold Canfield Havighurst Dea Law School Nature Private Contract Northwestern U Press. Rt. R . James A. Pike Bishop Ep Diocese Ca Ethi Beyond Legal Ethi T R Eth Vocation Lawyer. THE LINTHICUM FOUNDATION PROGRAM T Charles Clarence Linthicum Foundation Professor Linthicum Law School . . From Public . American European . Foundation . Round Table Linthicum Foundation Is Bigness Offense Sherman Act? Participants Edward R. ] Chi Eugene V. Rostow Dean Professor Law Yale Un Thom. C. McConnell Leo F. Tiern Chicago James A. Rahl Trade R . Round Table Feather Bedding Symptom Disease. Principal Carroll R. Daugherty Professor Business Economics Northwestern Un Paul R. Judge United States Court Appeals Second Circuit Professor Law Columbi University. Participants Stanford Clinton Alex Elson Chicago W. Willard Wirtz Undersecretary Labor La Relations. Foundation Academic Conference Individual Group Government Modern Economy University Centennial. Conference Arbitration Wage Stab . Forum Countervailin Power Economy Concept Criticism. ] . K Galbraith United States Ambassador India Professor Eco Harvard University. Conference Chicago Fight Against Slums. Conference Antitrust Laws Attorney General Committee Report. Conference Revised Civil Practice Illii . Law School Conferences St. Lawren Seaway Law Chicago H Code. Conference Freedom R Industrial Community. Foundation Co Freedom Modern American Economy Law School . Arthur ]. Go Secretary Labor School. Law School Conference Individual Freedom Public D . Among Adlai E. Stevenson United States Ambassador U Nations School. Conference Freedom R Broadcasting. Among Newton N. Niinow Chairm Federal Communications Commission Roscoe E. Barrow D University Cincin College Law School. Conference Illinois Professional Association Law. Among Crane C. Hauser Chief Counsel Internal Revenue Service Un States Treasury School. Conference Th Uniform Commercial Code Illinois. THE CRIMINAL LAW PROGRAM Ford Foundation $ Law School . Jaw. Criminal Law Program Law School . Jaw . THE PROGRAM OF INTERNATIONAL LEGAL STUDIES Ford Foundation $ Law School International Legal Studies. School Jaw . School International Business Transactions International Organization Comparative Law Admiralty Civil Liberties Family Law . . € . . Library . Informal . Outstanding School . A Right Hon. Lord Radcliffe Lord Appeal Ord United Kingdom . Rigorous Law Review . THE STUDENT BODY Dean Law School Abraham Lincoln. Recollections Alumnus Class . A . Like . Law . Beyond . Law School . Northwestern Law School . . . . His U States . . Students . . More Law School . . A Law School. Law . L School . LEGAL PUBLICATIONS Foremost Law School Northwestern University Law R . Review . writteR . Work Law Review . A Northwestern Law R . Publication Illinois Law R . University Chicago University Illinois. Northwestern Nor University Law R . R . Selection Law School . Law R School Order Coif. Because Law R . Northwestern Law R . Although Law R . Th Journal Criminal Law Criminology Police Science. Products Journal Crimina Law Criminology Police Science. Journal School . Claude R . Sowle Ass Dean Associate Professor Law Northwestern U . H Gresham M. Sykes Professor Sociology D U Criminology Editor Associate Editors . Police Science Mr. Ordway Hilton New York C Assoc Editors . Professor Fred E. Inbau Law School Managing Director. Journal . Student Journal . Law R Journa Law School . MOOT COURT COMPETITIO To Moot Court School. . . Winners Lowden Wigmore Prize School National Moot Court Competition . . STUDENT RESPONSIBILITY THE JUNIOR BAR ASSOCIATION Law . . Law School Junior Bar Association. All Association School . Its . Board Governors Association . HONOR CODE An Law School Honor Code Junior Bar Association . Honor Code . Law School . Honor Code Board Governors Association. After Board . Code School. Junior Bar Association Law School . . STUDENT ACTIVITIES School. Junior Bar Association Law School . Informal Lowden H School. A Junior Bar Association . Association . Association University Bookstore Abbott Hall . To School Law School R . Law School Northwestern Junior Bar Association American Law Student Association American Bar Association. Professional Northwestern Junior Bar Association Legal Research Staff . . Law School School . RECREATION AND SOCIAL ACTIVITIES . He . Nevertheless . Organized Law School Junior Bar Association . Above Working . R Faculty Law Review . Association . Chapters Phi Alpha Delta Phi Delta Phi Tau Epsilon Rho Kappa Beta Pi Law School. Members . . They . And . None . A . Tickets U Evanston. Many Chicago . STUDENT WIVES A Junior Bar Association Law School . A . Law Wives . To . Occasionally Law School . STUDENT RESIDENCE Living . Casual . . English Inns Court . Abbott Hall Law School . . School Abbott Hall. . Lake Michigan Lake Shore Drive Huron Superior Street. Indiana . . . On . . Athletic . School. Right Chief Justice United States Earl Warren. Be United States Ambassado United Nations Adlai E. Stevenson. Floors School L . There . Double . Rooms . All . Each . Trunks . Bed ½ Abbott Hall . . Dining Hall . A $ . $ . . $ . . Before . Division Student Finance Abbott Hall. R . Bills Cashier Office Abbo Hall. Applica $ . . Manager Abbott Hall North Lake Shore Drive Chicago . Law School . Ab Hall. STUDENT HEALTH SERVICE Through Student H Service University Law School . U Medical School Students Service . Student H Service Info Bulletin . THE ACADEMIC PROGRAM Old Northwestern! . Counsellor Chorus John Henry Wigmore Dean . Law School . Law School . Its . School . ADMISSION Since Law School . School . Applicants . School . Application Office Admissions Northwestern University School Law East Chicago Avenue Chicago II Iliinois. Students School . Before . Law School A Test . T . Early . . T $ . . . Except . . Law School Admission Test. Law School . Information Educational Testing Service Princeton New J . . Educational Testing Service Sch Law. An School . An Committee Admissions. Prospec School. Applications . Determinations Law School Admission Test . Each . . Every . An $ . . Upon . $ . No . TRANSFER Juris Doctor . Generally . Transfer $ . . A . Transfer Law School Admission Test . . Dean School. Association American Law Schools C . A . PRE LEGAL STUDY A Law School . . Since . College . Accordingly . Courses . Studies . . . English . . Apart . He . . . Ordinarily Robert R. McCormick Hall Law School . . Law School . . He . TUITION FEES AND EXPENSES FEES FINANCIAL ARRANGEMENTS PAYMENT OF TUITION AND FEES Tuition . Payments . Cashier Office Abbott H . T Division Student Finance Abbott Hall . All . WITHDRAWAL AND REFUNDS Official General Office School Law. Students . Students . Students • lO . . No . . Students . R . . . REBATES TO FACULTY STAFF AND INSTRUCTORS Undergraduate U . A . . Application Student Finance Office Abbott Hall . Students Division Student Fin Abbott Hall . R . STUDENT DEPOSIT ACCOUNT University Cashi Office Abbott H . Students . There . SCHOLARSHIPS GRANTS AND FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE School . Through Northwestern . SCHOLARSHIPS AND GRANTS Approximately School . Generous . . Ordinarily . All . . Interest . Awards . Each Jaw . Jaw . These . Application Office Adm L School. Special Clarion DeWitt H Scholarships . An . Clarion DeWitt Hardy Scholarships Law. Scholarships $ . . . Professor Clarion De Vitt Hardy School Speech Owen L. Coon . . Requirements . Funds Owen L. Coon Foundation Hardy Scholarship Committee . Francis S. Kosmerl Scholarships. A Francis S. Kosmerl . Several School Law. Preference Kosmerl Scholars . Lewis Larned Coburn Memorial Fund. $ Northwestern University Mrs. Anna Coburn Fund School Law President University Dean School Law . .Jacob Newman Scholarship Fund. $ Mrs. Minnie G. Newman Jacob Newman . Charles Weinfeld Scholarships. A $ Charles Weinfeld Law School . Dean School . Ware Scholarship. $ Mrs. Fannie M. Ware Lieutenant Manierre Barlow Ware Argonne Sector Battle . Frederic R. De Young Scholarship. Frederic R. De Young LL.B. LL.D. Supreme Court Illnois Herbert C. De Young Ruth De Young Kohler Mrs. Herbert V. University $ . School Law Illinois. Julius]. Hoffman Scholarship. A Judge Julius J. Hoffman Class . Class Scholarship. From Class . Anna Louise Raymond Scholarship Fund. $ Anna Louise Raymond . W Walker Scholarship Fund. $ Wellington Walker Chicago . Elmer A. Smith Scholarship Fund. From $ Elmer A. Smith . Chicago Title Trust Company Foundation Scholarships. Since $ Chicago Title Trust Company Foundation School Law. Rufus H. Sage Scholarship School Law. From Mrs. Ellen Sage $ . Tau Epsilon Rho Scho . Chicago Gradua Chap Tau Epsilon Rho $ . School Law . University Scholarships. There University . Mahlon Ogden W Book Fund . A Mahlon Ogden West Class School Law Dean. Class Scholarship. . Farmers Group Scholarships. Farmers Insurance Group Los Angeles California Northwestern . $ . Ernest U. Schroeter Scho Fund. From Ernest U. Schroeter Class . Thad M. Talcott Jr. Scho Fund. From T M. Talcott Class . Floyd E. Thompson Scholarship. $ Floyd E. Thompson Mrs. Floyd E . Thompson Mrs. P. Goff Beach Jr. Illinois Wisconsin . Judge Thompson Supreme Court Illinois President Illinois Chicago Bar Associations Board Governors American Bar Association Law School . Ednyfed H. Williams Memorial Scholarship. Ednyfed H . Williams Chicago School Law Mrs. Ednyfed H. Williams . John Henry Wigmore Honorary Scholarships. Students Wigmore Scholars John Henry Wigmore Dean Law School Treatise Evidence . . Jewish Students Scholarship Fund. $ Jewish Students Scholarship Fund Inc. Law School . LOANS School. Loans ½ . These . Among Law School Raoul Berger Law Loan Fund Mrs. J. N . Raymond Law School Fund Edward P. Summbers Law Loan Fund Law School Foundation Loan Funds. Charles Shapiro Morris Robert Shapiro Fund. Charles Shapiro Morris Robert Shapiro $ Law School . EXAMINATIONS AND GRADES Regular . . Although . . Students Dean . . A . Grades . Credit . No . A School School. A . Grades . P Pass F Failure. HONORS AND PRIZES Since Law School . Order Coif Northwestern . Order Coif School. Exemplifying Law School . THE ORDER OF THE COIF NORTHWESTERN CHAPTER Northwestern Order Coif . Law Review School Order Coif. THE NORTHWESTERN UNIVERSITY LAW REVIEW Selection Board Editors Northwestern Uni . Frequent . To Law School . Law Review . Membership School Law. WIGMORE KEY Established Junior Bar Association School . Selection Board Governors Junior Bar Association Editorial Board Law Review . THE LOWDEN WIGMORE PRIZES Frank . Lowden Class $ . . THE HYDE PRIZE $ Professor Charles Cheney Hyde Faculty School Law . HOMER F. CAREY AWARD Booth Inn Phi Delta Phi Homer F. Carey Professor Law . Under Illinois Law Future Int Carey Schuyler . A WARD OF THE JUNIOR BAR ASSOCIATION An . University . After Levy Hall . CLASS OF PLAQUE To Class Law School . . School Law. LAWYERS TITLE FOUNDATION AWARD Lawyers Title Insurance Corporation Richmond Virginia Foundation $ l . AMERICAN JURISPRUDENCE AWARDS American Jurisprudence . These . THE UNITED ST A TES LAW WEEK A WARD A Law Week . DEGREES Degrees Trustees University School Law. Before . University Juris Doctor JD.. School Law . . Northwestern University School Law School. With Distinction With Highest Distinction. Students . Bachelor Laws Juris Doctor. Such College Liberal Arts Northwestern University Bachelor Arts College University Register School Law School Law School Law College Liberal Arts. Bachelor Science Law School Law. Degrees Graduate Study . GRADUATE STUDY IN LAW Law School . One . School . American . Inquiries Office Admissions Law School. No . ADMISSION TO GRADUATE STUDY AND TO CANDIDACY FOR ADV AN CED DEGREES Master Laws Doctor Juridical Science Graduate Committee. Although English . Experience English English. DEGREES Two Master Laws LL.M. Doctor Juridical Science S.J.D.. Master Laws LL.M.. Master Laws University . Also School . During . Each . Also Jurisprudence Comparative Law . To Graduate Committee . . Northwestern University Law Review Journal Criminal Law Criminology Police Science. . Doctor Juridical Science S.].D.. Doctor Juridical Science Juris Doctor Bachelor Laws School Juris Doctor School. . . . Dean . . . Candidates . They . TUITION FEES AND EXPENSES Full Bulletin. $ $ . Accommodations University Chicago . Law School Fulbright . GRADUATE FELLO\VSHIPS FELLOWSHIPS IN INTERNATIONAL LEGAL STUDIES Ford Foundation Law School International Legal Studies. $ . Applicants Ford Fellowships. Law School . Dean Wigmore Law Library. School International Law. International Organization Comparative Law Admiralty Civil Liberties . School Family Law International Business Transactions European Economic Organizations. James Nelson Raymond Fellowship International Legal Studies. $ . From . . General Electric Foundation $ International Law. A . FELLOWSHIPS IN CRIMINAL LAW A Law School Ford Foundation . . Two . Generally Master Laws. A . . . Consideration . Although . American $ $ . From . . GENERAL INFORMATION CONCERNING GRADUATE FELLOWSHIPS Additional Office Admissions Law School. Normally . Also . None . Students . Successful . TEACHING ASSOCIATES Four Teaching Associates School. Each . . PLACEMENT Northwestern Law School . A . To Law School Placement Office . Through Placement Office . Alumni Association Law School Committee Placement School . Placement Office . . . Each Placement Office . Naturally Law School . Some Chicago United States. Iorthwestern . American . Not . Furthering . Working . After . Others . Law School United States Senators . Northwestern Law School . Northwestern . . Openings . Through Northwestern . Its United States Northwestern . An Law School . Law School . Attractive Law School. Alumni . From . Law School Placement Office . Each Northwestern School Law. Dean John Ritchie . Informal . United States Law School . Government School . Law School Placement Office . A . Beyond Law School Placement Office Chicago . THE LAW ALUMNI ASSOCIATION Over Law School . Commemorating Law School Robert R. McCormick Hall Owen L. Coon Library Law Alumni Fund School. Many . A Moot Court . . They . Each American Bar Association . Chicago . Also Chicago . Officers Law Alumni Association OFFICERS President STUART S. BALL First Vice President C. IvEs WALDO JR. Second Vice President PAUL W. CUTLER Third Vice President WILLIS D. NANCE Secretary EDGAR VANNEMAN JR. T CHARLES L. KAUFMANN Imm Past President Julius J. HOFFMAN BOARD OF DIRECTORS HERBERT C. BROOK P. DAWN CLARK BERNARD M. EPSTEIN JEROME L. ETTLESON ABRAHAM FISHMAN NEWTON P. FRYE JR. PAUL J. FURLONG CRANE C. HAUSER BARNET HODES ESTHER . KEGAN HENRY KENOE TIMOTHY G. LOWRY LLOYD M. McBRIDE WILLIAM W. McKITTRICK WILLIS E>. NANCE RICHARD J. NELSON PATRICK . OBRIEN HAROLD D. SHAPIRO JOHN PAUL STEVENS JOSEPH H. WRIGHT REGISTER OF UNDERGRADUATE COLLEGES AND UNIVERSITIES CALENDAR FOR SCHEDULES AND HOURS Classes A.M. P.M. . Law School Buildings A.M. P.M. A.M. P.M. P.M. P.M. . DIRECTORY FOR CORRESPONDENCE Inquiries . SCHOOL OF LAw Northwestern University East Chicago Avenue Chicago Illinois Admission Office Admissions General Administrative Assistant Dean Part Placement Secretary University Placement Bureau Wieboldt Hall East Chicago Avenue Chicago Illinois Placement Placement Secretary Scholarships Office Admissions Student Division Student Finance Abbott Hall Lake Shore Drive Chicago Illinois Transcript Registrar Veterans Veterans Education Office Abbott Hall Lake Shore Drive Chicago Illinois INDEX Abbott Hall Activities Student Admission Admission Graduate Study Alumni Association Application Admission Bachelor Laws Bachelor Science Law Bookstore Buildings Calendar Campus Professional Case Method Classes Typical Schedule Classrooms Coif Order Coon Owen L. Library Courtroom Criminal Law Program Curriculum Degrees Degrees Graduate Study Directory Correspondence Doctor Juridical Science Examinations Facilities Student Faculty Staff Faculty Nature Fees Fellowships Financial Arrangements Fraternities Cary Elbert H. Library Grades Graduate Study Law Health Service Honor Code Honors Prizes Hours Credit Maximum Amount Instruction. Course Instruction Method International Legal Studies Program Journal Criminal Law Criminology Police Science Junior Bar Association Juris Doctor Legal Clinic Legal Publications. Libraries Linthicum Foundation Program Loans Location Law School Master Laws Levy Hall McCormick Robert R. Hall Moot Court Northwestern University Law Review Officers University Placement Practice Courses Pre Study Problem Method Rebates Faculty Staff Instructors Refunds Register Undergraduate Colleges Universities Required Courses Residence Student Rosenthal Lectures Schedules Hours Scholarships Grants Financial Assistance Seminar Rooms Seminars General Discussion Staff Student Activities Student Deposit Account Student Health Service Student Wives Teaching Associates Three Year Curriculum Explanation Traditions Transfer Applications Trial Technique Trial Practice Limit Enrollment Tuition Tuition Graduate Study Withdrawal Refunds CALENDAR SCHOOL OF LAW Chicago Three Juris Doctor Master Laws Doctor Juridical Science. To Dean Ritchie Faculty Staff From Eleanor B. Williams Subject Error Bulletin
“Northwestern University Bulletin: The School of Law, 1962-1963,” PLRC Collections, accessed July 29, 2021,