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  • Collection: The Arthur Goldberg Papers

ca. 1963

No. 87; typed bench memo with Arthur Goldberg's handwritten notes.


Nos. 2 & 3; typed bench memorandum.


No. 15, O.T. 1962; partial copy of a bill of complaint for Alabama and Governor George Wallace v. U.S. and Robert S. McNamara.


Chart showing degree of state involvement other than by facts of arrest and conviction.

1962 September 16

O.T. 1962, No. 42 No. 43 & No. 44; copy of William H. Mooring's letterhead containing the clipping.

1962 December 3

No. 16; copy of a typed letter to Harlan from Goldberg regarding Harlan's draft opinion for Shotwell Manufacturing Company v. United States.

1963 January 17 (first letter); 1963 January 28 (second letter)

No. 56; two letters regarding footnote 2 in Arthur Goldberg's opinion for Federal Trade Commission v. Sun Oil Co. The first letter is from Wayne A. Davies, West Publishing Company, requesting clarification on a footnote. The second letter is the…

Nos. 511 & 75, O.T. 1962; typed draft and documents relating to Bush v. Texas with Goldberg's notes in pencil.


No. 88; typed draft of certiorari per curiam with Arthur Goldberg's edits in pencil.


O.T. 1962, No. 41; unmarked, and likely final, typed draft of certiorari per curiam.
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