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O.T. 1962, No. 42 No. 43 & No. 44; handwritten letter to Goldberg from Brennan in which Brennan congratulates Goldberg on his opinion for U.S. v. Loew's and states his decision to join.

1962 November 3

O.T. 1962, No. 42 No. 43 & No. 44; typed memorandum to Goldberg from Brennan stating Brennan's decision to join Goldberg's opinion for U.S. v. Loew's.

1964 March 3

No. 39 & No. 40, O.T. 1963; copy of a memorandum to the other justices from Brennan regarding New York Times v. Sullivan; Abernathy v. Sullivan.

1964 April

No. 87, O.T. 1963; includes a handwritten note to Arthur Goldberg from William J. Brennan asking for Goldberg's opinion on an attached typed note Brennan wrote regarding the opinion in R. S. Simpson v. Union Oil Company of California.

1962 December 3

No. 36; memorandum from Brennan asking the other four justices who had voted with him for their advice on his opinion for the case.

1962 November 20

O.T. 1962, No. 41; typed letter from Brennan regarding a per curiam for Foman v. Davis.
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