The School of Law, 1972-1973

The School of Law, 1972-1973

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Description: The annual bulletin for the 1972-1973 academic year.

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THE SCHOOL OF LAW THE ACADEMIC YEAR NORTHWESTERN UNIVERSITY Chicago Illino Law School Lake Michigan Loop. CONTENTS Where Write Officers Faculty Staff Calendar Law Study Northwestern Course Instruction Supplemental Programs Student Activities Admission School Tuition Fees Expenses Financial Assistance Graduate Study Degrees School Its Alumni Register Colleges Universities Index Map Chicago Campus WHERE TO WRITE Address Law School Northwestern University School Law East Chicago Avenue Chicago Illinois Additionally Law School Office Admissions Admission J.D. Applications Requests Recommendations Financial J.D. Registrar Admission Summer School Requests Law School Program Law Social Sciences Applicants J .D. Ph .D. Mrs. Mae Clair Program Law Social Sciences Committee Graduate Studies Admission J .D. Graduate Placement Service Placement Law Alumni Association Alumni Manager Abbott Hall North Lake Shore Drive Chicago Illinois OFFICERS FACULTY AND STAFF UNIVERSITY OFFICERS J. Roscoe Miller Chancellor Robert H. Strotz University Payson S. Wild William S. Kerr Manager Arthur T. Schmehling Controller John E Fields Development Raymond W. Mack Dean Faculties Walter S. Owen Science Research Jim G. Carleton Student Affairs William C. Bradford Laurence H. Nobles Administration Harry L. Wells Emeritus LAW SCHOOL OFFICERS James A. Rahl Francis Spalding Thomas N. Edmonds Norman M. Garland Assistant Dean Edward H. Palmer Kurt Schwerin Librarian FACULTY Peter J. Barack Assistant Professor Law John H. Beckstrom Associate Professor Law Robert W. Bennett Professor Law William C. Chamberlin Associate Professor Law Robert Childres Law Director Research Anthony A. D'Amato Associate Professor Law Karl Schweinitz Economics Law Thomas L Eovaldi Professor Law Norman M. Garland Dean Associate Professor Law Steven Goldman Professor Law Irving A. Gordon James B. Haddad Professor Law Harold C. Havighurst Professor Law Emeritus John P. Heinz Jordan Jay Hillman Law Fred E. Law Yancy N. Kirby Gary S. Laser Professor Law Director Northwestem Legal Assistance Clinic Ronald C. Link Associate Professor Law Brunson MacChesney Ednyfed H. Williams Memorial Professor Law Director Graduate Studies Nathaniel L. Nathanson Frederic P. Vose Professor Law Alexander Nekam Professor Law Dawn Clark Netsch James A. Rahl Law Harry B. Reese John Ritchie John Henry Wigmore Professor Law Emeritus William R. Roalfe Law Emeritus Victor G. Rosenblum Law David S. Ruder Daniel M. Schuyler Kurt Schwerin Librarian Professor Law Emeritus Paul E. Slater Professor Law Francis Spalding Professor Law Samuel C. Thompson Assistant Professor Law Thomas N. Todd Law Assistant Director Urban Affairs Jon R. Waltz LECTURERS Marvin E. Aspen Criminal Evidence William W. Brackett Psychiatry William W. Brady Accounting James R. Bronner Criminal Evidence George M. Burditt Drug Law Henry W. Kenoe Clinic John B. Lungmus Intellectual Property John Bruce Moore Lecturer Jurisprudence Thomas L. Nicholson Law Common Market Beverly W. Pattishall Trademarks Jerome J. Roberts Computers Law Hon. Joseph Schneider Lecturer Law Psychiatry Harold D. Shapiro Harriman Lecturer Corporations Partnerships James A. Sprowl Computers Law John G Stifler Practice Merrill S. Thompson Food Drug Law Timothy L. Tilton Intellectual Property Robert L. Tucker Housing Problems TEACHING ASSOCIATE Nigel John Rumfitt ASSISTANTS IN INSTRUCTION Thomas L. Aldrich Theodore M. Becker Neil S. Cross Robert E. Field Andrew S. Gordon Zane Gresham Judith C. Kuhn Paul T. Lively William G McMaster Peter R. Meyers John D. Nicholson Gregory J. Schlesinger PUBLICATIONS STAFF Dawn Clark Netsch Board Managers Law Review James B. Haddad Adviser Criminology Marvin E. Wolfgang Journal Criminal Law Criminology Marie D Christiansen Publications Harriet G. Christiansen Veena Bhatia ADMINISTRATIVE STAFF Alice M. Carter Joan F. Jackson Genevieve Johnson Deidre Kett Dona M. Laketek Assistant Amelia A. Lashok Bernice F. LeBeau Sarah Mingo Gwendolyn Mitchell Department Marjorie Nemzura Associate Dean Krystyna Obuchowicz Judith Patterson Elizabeth L. Simon Financial Secretary Donna Sistler Janet L. Sites Placement Secretary Maria L. Sucion Cynthia Thornburg Richard F. Wieczorek Department Bonnie H. Winn Alumni Secretary Eleanor B. Williams LEGAL ASSISTANCE CLINIC Gary S. Laser Director Clinic Thomas F. Geraghty Jonathan M. Hyman Diane Crawford Flory Loonin Sara Gibson Nancy Ketzenberg LIBRARY STAFF Kurt Schwerin Librarian Elaine E. Teigler Head Stanley E. Horst Services Administrative Assistant Marta M. Pryjma Head Milda Weber Classification Cataloging Department Dorothy Klofkorn Robert C. Archer Documents Librarian Gail J. Schoch Librarian Regina Wallen Maria C. Chase Donald M. Liszewski Selma Krahn Edward J. Rowan Eugenia Weres George L Lee Marcelino P. Catuira Rosita C. Ramos PROGRAM IN LAW AND THE SOCIAL SCIENCES Victor G. Rosenblum Mae Clair Administrative Secretary Registration Classes Thanksgiving Classes Classes Christmas Examination Second Spring Classes Classes Examination One Hundred Fifteenth Annual Commencement Classes Law School David Dudley Field Northwestern School Thorne Hall Abbott Hall Northwestern University McGaw Medical Center. Living University Dean James A. Rahl Evanston. Evanston Law School First Plan Seventies Northwestern University Library First Plan Norris University Center Lindheimer Astronomical Research Center T. Hogan Biological Sciences Building Frances Searle Building Nathaniel Leverone Hall BUILDINGS Law School Chicago Avenue Superior Street Lake Shore Drive. Levy Hall Elbert H. Gary Library Robert R. McCormick Hall Owen L. Coon Library School About Dean John H. Wigmore United States England Continent School CLASSROOMS Law School Northwestern. Lincoln Hall British House Commons School School Complete LIBRARY Law School. Northwestern Law School Library Elbert H. Gary Library Owen L. Coon Library. Law School Chicago Avenue Superior Street Elbert H. Gary Library Law School Gary Fund Owen L. Coon Library Owen L. Coon Foundation. Northwestern Western Hemisphere Library Law School Library United States Great Britain Commonwealth A United States A University Library Evanston Anglo American English More European Japan Latin American Roman Williams Collection Legal Instruments A.O. George W. Shaw Collection Early European Law Joseph L. Shaw Law School Library University Library A Hardy Scholars Treasure Room A Western Hemisphere LIBRARY FUNDS University Law School Library Library Gary Endowment Fund Elbert H. Gary United States Steel Corporation Norris E. Crull Endowment Fund Norris E. Crull Law Alumni Association John Henry Wigmore Fund Barnet HodesBarnet Hodes Fund Joseph Rosenberg Mrs. Rosenberg Judge Hugo M. Friend Memorial Fund Class Herbert Dacks Memorial Fund Herbert Dacks. Philip A. Shapiro Endowment Fund Judge Philip A. Shapiro Circuit Court Cook County Walter H. Moses Adolph Moses EndowmentFund. Paul Cutler J.D. Cutler Browsing Alcove. Smart Family Foundation Law School Louis Manierre George Manierre Collection Cyrus H. Adams Mrs. Agnes Millar Wigmore. OTHER SCHOOL FACILITIES Although Lowden Hall School' Illinois School Law School. Here On Separate Junior Bar Association Law Review Journal Criminal Law Criminology Julius H. Miner Moot Court Competition JBA Bookstore. Faculty STUDENT RESIDENCE Living Casual English Inns Court Abbott Hall Law School Abbott Hall Lake Michigan Lake Shore Drive Huron Superior Street. Indiana STUDENT HEALTH SERVICE Student Health Service Chicago Montgomery Ward Building Room Medical School. Medical Student Health Bulletin Students Law School Supplemental To University . Physicians' Student Health Service Room Acute N Memorial Hospital. "[Here ] .. .. ." Justice Oliver W Holmes Law School THE COURSE OF INSTRUCTION Law School Rather Human Law Every Effective INTELLECTUAL CHALLENGE Reflecting Law School Beyond CLASSES Class There Two Time Law School Some Course Criminal Law Property Contracts Torts Lord Coke Blackstone. Today Torts Property Criminal Law Contracts Law School Within Labor Law Taxation Administrative Law Law School Courses International Law Scientific Evidence Comparative Law International Business Transactions FACULTY Law School Each Many Their Such School METHODS OF INSTRUCTION No To Northwestern Law School First Law School Seminars Advanced Instruction School Case Method Law School Through Although Under Northwestern Socratic Questions Although From Problem Method Law School Here Perhaps Perhaps Consultative School Characteristically Discussion Practice Courses Practice Law School Northwestern Legal Assistance Clinic. Northwestern Legal Assistance Clinic Clinic Clinic During Moot Court. Practicing Julius H. Miner Moot Court Competition. Most To Law School Seminars Seminars Here Many Often Legal Writing Skills Every Law School Editorial Northwestern University Law Review Journal Criminal Law Criminology. Participation Miner Moot Court Competition National Moot Court Competition Law School Participation Senior Research Program. Enrollment Senior Research Program Senior Research Program Under During Because Law School " Depending University University African Senior Research Program School' Most THE THREE YEAR CURRICULUM Northwestern Beginning Law School During Here Property Tort Contract Constitutional Law Criminal Law. Moot Court Law School Moreover Civil Liberties Perhaps School' THE COMBINED M.M. J.D. PROGRAM A Master Management M.M. Juris Doctor J.D. Graduate School Management School Law Northwestern M.M. Master Business Administration . School Law Graduate School Management School Law Graduate School Management. Similarly M.M. School Law. A Every An To After A School Management School JOINT DEGREE PROGRAM IN LAW AND THE SOCIAL SCIENCES Under National Institute Mental Health National Science Foundation Northwestern Applicants Mrs. Mae Clair Program Law Social Sciences Northwestern University E. Chicago Ave. Chicago Ill. ACADEMIC REGULATIONS Programs Third Regular No Failure Dean. EXAMINATIONS Regular Although Grades Students Dean GRADUATION REQUIREMENTS To Juris Doctor A Senior Research Law Review Journal Criminal Law Criminology. Participation Miner Moot Court Competition National Moot Court Competition Law School Participation Students Students Although Courses DEGREES Degrees Trustees University School Law. Before University Juris Doctor J.D. . School Law Graduation Requirements Northwestern University School Law Northwestern. Degrees Graduate Study Law. COURSE LOAD Courses On LIMITED ENROLLMENT Trial Practice School Trial Practice CURRICULUM COURSES REQUIRED OF FIRST YEAR STUDENTS Credit First Semester Hours Contracts Criminal Law Moot Court Property Torts Second Semester Constitutional Law Legal Profession ..... Moot Court Contracts II Torts II Elective One Criminal Law Administration International Law Law Social Change. Credit Hours COURSES OFFERED TO SECOND AND THIRD YEAR STUDENTS First Semester Accounting Administrative Law Advanced Business Associations Partnerships Antitrust Law Civil Procedure Commercial Paper Conflict Laws Corporations Debtor Creditor Relations Decedents' Estates Trusts Environmental Law Evidence Family Law Federal Estate Gift Taxation Federal Income Taxation Labor Law Law Poverty Legal Assistance Clinic Public Private Control Land Use State Local Government Trademarks Trade Identity Unfair Trade Practices Trial Practice Second Semester Administrative Law Admiralty Antitrust Law Business Planning Civil Procedure II Conflict Laws Criminal Law Administration Decedents' Estates Trusts II Equity Restitution Damages Evidence Federal Estate Gift Taxation Federal Income Taxation Federal Jurisdiction Insurance LawIntellectual Property International Law Racism Law Social Change Legal Assistance Clinic Real Estate Acquisition Disposition Scientific Evidence Securities Regulation Trial Practice. Welfare Litigation Women Law SEMINARS OFFERED TO SECOND AND THIRD YEAR STUDENTS All Seminars First Semester Antitrust Law Policy Civil Liberties* Computers Law Criminal Evidence Criminal Law Current Problems* Economic Development Political Modernization Law Estate Planning Federal Criminal Trial Practice Food Drug Law International Business Transactions Law Criminology* Law Ecology Global Environment Law Common Market Research Urban Criminal Justice Urban Housing Problems Second Semester Advanced Problems Constitutional Law African Law Criminal Appellate Advocacy Criminal Evidence Economic Analysis Public Policy Estate Planning Federal Criminal Trial Practice Judicial Administration Jurisprudence* Labor Law Law Education Law Psychiatry Problems Taxation Business Income Real Estate Development Research Urban Criminal Justice Securities Regulation Advanced Problems Tax Policy SENIOR RESEARCH PROGRAM Senior Research Program Interested General Office School. FIRST YEAR COURSES CONSTITUTIONAL LAW Course Second Semester Messrs. D'Amato Nathanson Lockhart Kamisar Choper Constitutional Law Mr. D' Amato Gunther Dowling Cases Material Constitutional Law Mr. Nathanson . CONTRACTS Course First Semester Mr. Havighurst Study Statute Frauds. Contractual Attention Uniform Commercial Code Materials CONTRACTS Course First Semester Mr. Childres An Specific Statute Frauds. Parts Article Uniform Commercial Code Tentative Drafts Restatement Law Contracts Materials CONTRACTS II Course Second Semester Messrs. Childres Gordon A Contracts Article Uniform Commercial Code. Farnsworth Honnold Commercial Law Cases Materials . Uniform Commercial Code Official Text Comments Mr. Gordon Mr. Childres . CRIMINAL LAW Course First Semester Messrs. Haddad Inbau Concepts Inbau Thompson Sowle Cases Comments Criminal Justice LEGAL PROFESSION Course Second Semester Mr. Spalding An Among " lawye Materials MOOT COURT Course First Second Semesters Messrs. Barack Slater Rumfitt Assistants Instruction One After Frequent Assistant Instruction Teaching Associate Supreme Court Northwestern Emphasis PROPERTY Course First Semester Messrs. Gordon Schuyler Introduction Historical Shelley' Casner Leach Cases Text Property . TORTS Course First Semester Messrs. Rahl Barack Rosenblum Protection Green Pedrick Rahl Thode Hawkins Smith Cases Torts Messrs. Rahl Barack Mr. Rosenblum . Continued TORTS II Course Second Semester Messrs. Rosenblum Slater See Torts Materials SECOND AND THIRD YEAR COURSES AND SEMINARS Seminars * . ACCOUNTING Course First Semester Mr. Brady Principles Fiflis Kripke Accounting Business Lawyers . ADMINISTRATIVE LAW Course First Semester Mr. Nathanson A Jaffe Nathanson Administrative Law Cases Materials. ADMINISTRATIVE LAW THE REGULATION OF BROADCASTING Course Second Semester Mr. Bennett An Federal Communications Commission. Initial Administrative Law Materials ADMIRALTY Course Second Semester Mr. MacChesney General Jurisdiction Healy Currie Cases Admiralty. ADV AN CED BUSINESS ASSOCIATIONSPARTNERSHIPS Course First Semtster Mr. Shapiro Analysis Use Development Materials ADV AN CED PROBLEMS IN CONSTITUTIONAL LAW Seminar Second Semester Mr. Gordon A Supreme Court Supreme Court. Each AFRICAN LAW Seminar Second Semester Mr. Beckstrom An African Western Problems ANTITRUST LAW Course First Semester Second Semester Mr. Slater Messrs. Rahl Slater Federal Bowie Rostow Bork Cases Government Regulation Business Rahl Cases Materials Antitrust Law . ANTITRUST LAW AND POLICY Seminar First Semester Advanced Prerequisite Antitrust Law BUSINESS PLANNING Course Second Semester Mr. Shapiro Advanced Examination Prerequisite Corporations CIVIL LIBERTIES Seminar* First Semester Messrs. Moore Nathanson Intensive Bill Rights. Consideration CIVIL PROCEDURE Course First Semester Messrs. Reese Waltz Structure Reese Cases Civil Procedure Federal Rules Civil Procedure United States District Courts Mr. Reese Waltz Cases Pleading Procedure Federal Rules Civil Procedure United States District Courts Mr. Waltz . CIVIL PROCEDURE II Course Second Semester Mr. Reese See Civil Procedure COMMERCIAL PAPER Course First Semester Mr. Chamberlin Farnsworth Honnold Commercial Law Cases Materials . Uniform Commercial Code Official Text Comment. COMPUTERS AND THE LAW Seminar First Semester Messrs. Roberts Sprowl CONFLICT OF LAWS Course First Semester Mr. MacChesney Second Semester Mr. Nekam A Enforcement Brief Cramton Currie Conflict Laws Mr. MacChesneyrecommended Cheatham Griswald Reese Rosenberg Cases Conflict Laws Mr. Nekam . CONSUMER PROTECTION CREDIT SALES AND POVERTY Seminar Second Semester Mr. Eovaldi An Statutes Truth Lending Act Fair Credit Reporting Act Uniform Consumer Credit Code National Consumer Credit Act Mimeographed CORPORATIONS Course First Semester Messrs. Goldman Ruder A Consideration Securities Exchange Commission Cary Cases Materials Corporations. CRIMINAL APPELLATE ADVOCACY Seminar Second Semester Mr. Haddad A Mimeographed CRIMINAL EVIDENCE Seminar First Semester Mr. Aspen Second Semester Mr. Bronner An CRIMINAL LAW ADMINISTRATION Course Second Semester Messrs. Garland Inbau A Thompson Sowle Cases Comments Criminal Justice Vol. II . . CRIMINAL LAW CURRENT PROBLEMS Seminar* First Semester Mr. Inbau A DEBTOR CREDITOR RELATIONS Course First Semester Mr. Nekam A Federal Bankruptcy Act DECEDENTS' ESTATES AND TRUSTS Course First Semester Messrs. Chamberlin Link Intestate Ritchie Alford Effland Cases Materials Decedents' Estates Trusts . . DECEDENTS' ESTATES AND TRUSTS II Course Second Semester Messrs. Link Schuyler Charitable Prerequisite Decedents' Estates Trusts Ritchie Alford Effland Cases Materials Decedents' Estates Trusts . ECONOMIC ANALYSIS AND PUBLIC POLICY Seminar Second Semester Mr. Schweinitz Economic Materials ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT POLITICAL MODERNIZATION AND THE LAW Seminar First Semester Mr. Schweinitz Materials ENVIRONMENTAL LAW Course First Semester Mr. D'Amato A Problem Emphasis Mimeographed EQUITY RESTITUTION AND DAMAGES Course Second Semester Mr. Childres A Childres Equity Restitution Damages Cases Materials. ESTATE PLANNING Seminar First Semester Second Semester Mr. Kirby Mr. Link A Practical Prerequisites Federal Estate Gift Taxation Federal Income Taxation. EVIDENCE Course First Semester Second Semester Mr. Garland Mr. Waltz Louisell Kaplan Waltz Cases Materials Evidence. FAMILY LAW Course First Semester Mr. Beckstrom Materials FEDERAL CRIMINAL TRIAL PRACTICE Seminar First Second Semesters Mr. Garland One Seminar Federal Defender Program. FEDERAL ESTATE AND GIFT TAXATION Course First Semester Second Semester Mr. Barack Mr. Kirby An Federal Income Taxation Estate Planning. Pedrick Kirby Study Federal Tax Law Estate Gift Tax Volume Mr. Kirby Mr. Barack . FEDERAL INCOME TAXATION Course First Semester Second Semester Mr. Kirby Mr. S. Thompson Pedrick Kirby Study Federal Tax Law Income Tax Volume Mr. Kirby Mr. Thompson . FEDERAL JURISDICTION Course Second Semester Mr. Reese History Supreme Court. Prerequisites Civil Procedure II. Hart Wechsler Federal Courts Federal System Judicial Code Rules Procedure Federal Courts. FOOD AND DRUG LAW Seminar First Semester Messrs. Burditt M. Thompson A Federal Food Drug Cosmetic Act Christopher Cases Materials Food Drug Law. INSURANCE LAW Course Second Semester Mr. Chamberlin Basics . . Materials INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY Course Second Semester Messrs. Lungmus Tilton Survey Mimeographed INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS TRANSACTIONS Seminar First Semester Mr. Barack Emphasis U.S. INTERNATIONAL LAW Course Second Semester Mr. MacChesney An Bases Materials JUDICIAL ADMINISTRATION Seminar Second Semester Mr. Spalding Consideration Guest Chicago Materials JURISPRUDENCE Seminar* Second Semester Messrs. Moore Nekam Problems Legal LABOR LAW Course First Semester Mr. Hillman An Meltzer Labor Law Cases Materials Problems. LABOR LAW Seminar Second Semester Mr. Hillman An Prerequisite Labor Law Mimeographed LAW AND CRIMINOLOGY Seminar* First Semester Consideration LAW AND EDUCATION Seminar Second Semester Mr. Rosenblum Analysis United States. A Materials LAW AND POVERTY Course First Semester Mr. Eovaldi An One Examples Finally Examples Materials LAW AND PSYCHIATRY Seminar Second Semester Messrs. Brackett Schneider An Materials THE LAW AND RACISM Course Second Semester Mr. Todd An United States Emerson Haber Dorsen Political Civil Rights United States Vol. II . Report National Advisory Commission Civil Disorders LAW AND SOCIAL CHANGE Course Second Semester Mr. Hillman A Consideration Specific Materials LAW ECOLOGY AND THE GLOBAL ENVIRONMENT Seminar First Semester Mr. D'Amato A Demographic Limited International Law. THE LAW OF THE COMMON MARKET Seminar First Semester Mr. Nicholson A European Relevant G.A.T.T. .M.F. Written Stein Hay Cases Materials Law Institutions Atlantic Area LEGAL ASSISTANCE CLINIC Course First Second Semesters Mr. Kenoe Twelve Northwestern Legal Assistance Clinic Program Classroom Training Classroom Most Rule Rules Supreme Court Illinois State. Open Legal Clinic Legal Clinic . Students Enrollment Materials PROBLEMS IN TAXATION OF BUSINESS INCOME Seminar Second Semester Mr. Kirby An An Prerequisite Federal Income Taxation. PUBLIC AND PRIVATE CONTROL OF LAND USE Course First Semester Mr. Spalding A On On These Mimeographed REAL ESTATE ACQUISITION AND DISPOSITION Course Second Semester Mr. Goldman An Materials REAL ESTATE DEVELOPMENT Seminar Second Semester Mr. Goldman An David Urban Land Development. RESEARCH IN URBAN CRIMINAL JUSTICE Seminar First Second Semesters Mr. Heinz Field Chicago Law Enforcement Study Group Northwestern' Center Urban Affairs. Empirical Research Study Group. SCIENTIFIC EVIDENCE Course Second Semester Mr. Inbau Scientific SECURITIES REGULATION Course Second Semester Mr. Ruder Intensive Registration Securities Exchange Commission. Jennings Marsh Securities Regulation SECURITIES REGULATION ADVANCED PROBLEMS IN Seminar Second Semester Mr. Ruder An Materials STATE AND LOCAL GOVERNMENT Course First Semester Mrs. Netsch Selected Materials TAX POLICY Seminar Second Semester Mr. Kirby An A Restricted Prerequisite Federal Income Taxation. TRADEMARKS TRADE IDENTITY AND UNFAIR TRADE PRACTICES Course First Semester Messrs. Hilliard Pattishall Deceptive Federal Trade Commission Cases Materials Trademarks Trade Identity Unfair Trade Practices . TRIAL PRACTICE Course First Second Semesters Mr. Stifler An A Circuit Court Cook County Prerequisites Civil Procedure Evidence. TRIAL PRACTICE Course First Semester Mr. Waltz Selected Special Limited Prerequisites Civil Procedure Evidence Mr. Waltz . Davis Waltz Painting Picture. URBAN HOUSING PROBLEMS Seminar First Semester Mr. Tucker Study WELFARE LITIGATION Course Second Semester Mr. Bennett An Proposals Prerequisite Civil Procedure II Materials WOMEN AND THE LAW Course Second Semester HONORS AND PRIZES THE ORDER OF THE COIF Order Coif Northwestern Northwestern Order Coif O THE NORTHWESTERN UNIVERSITY LAW REVIEW Selection Board Editors Northwestern University Law Review Membership School Law. THE JOURNAL OF CRIMINAL LAW AND CRIMINOLOGY Second Criminal Law Journal Election Criminal Law Journal School Law. WIGMORE KEY Established Junior Bar Association School Selection THE LOWDEN WIGMORE PRIZES Income Frank Lowden Class BARNET AND SCOTT HODES PRIZE Income Barnet Hodes Class Law Local Government. Each THE HYDE PRIZE Professor Charles Cheney Hyde School Law MOOT COURT PLAQUE To Graduating Class Julius H. Miner Moot Court Competition. Law School. AMERICAN JURISPRUDENCE AWARDS American Jurisprudence These INTERNATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF INSURANCE COUNSEL JOURNAL AWARD A Insurance Counsel Journal Insurance. PRENTICE HALL TAXATION AWARD Each Prentice Hall Inc. Federal Tax Guide Federal Taxation INSTITUTE OF CONTINUING LEGAL EDUCATION OF THE ILLINOIS BAR PRIZES A Institute' Trial Practice. A Institute National Moot Court Competition. SUPPLEMENT AL PROGRAMS Law School Lectures United States Law School' Through Many Law School Others School. THE ROSENTHAL LECTURES Julius Rosenthal Foundation Law School Chicago Bar. Rosenthal Lecture Series Preeminent School Rosenthal Foundation Sir William Searle Holdsworth Vinerian Professor Law Oxford University. These Some Lessons Our Legal History Macmillan. Antonio Sanchez Bustamante University Havana Permanent Court International Justice. John C. H. Wu Chief Justice Court Appeals Shanghai Law Codification Commission China. These Legal Systems Old New China Comparison" Art Law Essays Juridical Literary Commercial Press. Jean Escarra Faculty Law University Paris. Charles Warren Supreme Court United States History" These Bankruptcy United States History Harvard University Press. Walton Hale Hamilton Professor Law Yale University. Henry T. Lummus Associate Justice Supreme Judicial Court Massachusetts. These Trial Judge Foundation Press Inc. Lon L. Fuller Professor Law Harvard University. These Law Quest Itself Foundation Press Inc. United Nations United Nations. Adlai E. Stevenson Class United States Ambassador United Nations. Mr. Stevenson International Relations International Law. John N. Hazard Professor Russian Institute Columbia University Soviet Union International Law" Paul A. Freund Professor Law Harvard University "On Understanding Supreme Court Little Brown Co. Wi Wirtz Secretary Labor Law Sc Rosentha His "Collective Bargaining Law Work" "A Jurisprudence Change." John P. Dawson Professor Law University Michigan History Unjust Enrichment Unjust Enrichment Comparative Analysis Little Brown Co. H. Feller General Counsel United Nations "World Law World Community United Nations United Nations World Community Little Brown Co. Charles Horsky District Columbia Bar Lawyer Government Washington Lawyer Little Brown Co. "Liability Air Carriers Rome Conference Eugene Pepin Legal Director International Civil Aeronautics Organization Essentials Sound Judicial System" Arthur T. Vanderbilt Chief Justice Supreme Court New Jersey Nuremberg Trials" Robert H. Jackson Associate Justice Supreme Court United States. A Revision Illinois Criminal Code Walter V. Schaefer Justice Supreme Court Jllinois Herbert Wechsler Professor Law Columbia University. Adolf A. Berle Jr. Professor Law Columbia University Century Capitalist Revolution Harcourt Brace. James Willard Hurst Professor Law University Wisconsin "Law Liberty Nineteenth Century Law Conditions Freedom Nineteenth Century United States University Wisconsin Press. Louis B. Sohn Professor Law Harvard University Ernest A. Gross Legal Adviser Secretary General United Nations John J. Parker Chief Judge United States Court Appeals Fourth Circuit. Individual Rule Law Under New Japanese Constitution" Nobushige Ukai Professor Law Political Science Tokyo University "Judicial Enforcement Desegregation Its Problems Limitations A. E. Papale Dean School Law Loyola University New Orleans "Murder Principles Punishment Herbert L. A. Hart Professor Jurisprudence Oxford University. Leon Green Dean Law School Distinguished Professor Law University Texas "Tort Liability Loss Insurance Traffic Victims Traffic Victims Tort Law Insurance Northwestern University Press. Louis Eisenstein District Columbia Bar Ideologies Taxation Ronald Press. Right Honorable Lord Radcliffe Lord Appeal Ordinary United Kingdom Law Its Compass Northwestern University Press. Harold Canfield Havighurst Dean Law School Nature Private Contract Northwestern University Press. Rt. Rev. James A. Pike Bishop Episcopal Diocese California Ethic Beyond Legal Ethics Religious Ethical Vocation Lawyer Beyond Law Doubleday Company Inc. Wilber G. Katz Professor Law University Wisconsin "Religion American Constitutions Northwestern University Press. Dean Zelman Cowen University Melbourne School Law British Commonwealth Nations Changing World Law Politics Prospects Northwestern University Press. "Perspectives Court" Supreme Court United States. Participants Max Freedman William M. Beaney Professor Politics Law Princeton University Eugene V. Rostow Dean Professor Law Yale University. Northwestern University Press. Justice Walter V. Schaefer Supreme Court Illinois "Criminal Procedures Converging Constitutional Doctrines Suspect Society Northwestern University Press. Justice Andre M. Donner Court Justice European Communities Role Lawyer European Communities Northwestern University Press. Judge Carl McGowan U.S. Court Appeals District Columbia Circuit Organization Judicial Power United States Northwestern University Press. Professor Harry W. Jones Cardozo Professor Jurisprudence Columbia University School Law Efficacy Law Northwestern University Press. Adrian S. Fisher Dean Georgetown University Law Center Deputy Director U. S. Arms Control Disarmament Agency "General Disarmament World Law." Arthur J. Goldberg J.D. Justice U. S. Supreme Court Ambassador United Nations Supreme Court United States Some Reflections Its Past Present Future Northwestern University Press. W. Willard Wirtz United States Secretary Labor "Labor Law Northwestern University Press. THE LINTHICUM FOUNDATION PROGRAM Charles Clarence Linthicum Foundation Professor Linthicum Class Law School From American European Foundation Among European Common Market Since Linthicum Foundation John Kenneth Galbraith Arthur J. Goldberg Judge Paul R. Hays Newton N. Minow Eugene V. Rostow Adlai E. Stevenson W. Willard Wirtz. VOLUNTARY LEGAL SERVICES Recent Among Legal Aid Bureau United Charities Neighborhood Legal Assistance Center Chicago' Law School Northwestern Legal Assistance Clinic Council Legal Education Professional Responsibility Inc. Field Foundation Legal Aid Bureau United Charities Chicago Arnold Shure Woods Charitable Fund Inc. An Legal Clinic Program Law School Northwestern University Chicago. Third Rule Rules Supreme Court Illinois. CORPORATE COUNSEL INSTITUTE Annually Northwestern Corporate Counsel Institute American Illinois Chicago Bar Associations Institute Continuing Education Illinois Bar Association. Institute United States. Institute Proceedings Institute Students Law School Institute Many Northwestern Law Review Dean Law School Abraham Lincoln. R Alumnus Class STUDENT ACTIVITIES A Like Law Beyond Law School Northwestern Law School' School His United States Students One Law School . A Law School. Law Law School A LEGAL PUBLICATIONS Students Northwestern Journal Criminal Law Criminology Northwestern University Law Review Clearinghouse Review. Selection Although Journal Criminal Law Criminology A Journal Criminal Law Criminology United States Founded Dean John Henry Wigmore Criminal Law Journal Jaw While Criminal Law ·Journal Members After Criminal Law Journal Those Two Criminal Law Journal Supreme Court Review A Supreme Court Arthur J. Goldberg Secretary Labor Supreme Court Justice U.S. Ambassador United Nations A Northwestern University Law Review One Law School Northwestern University Law Review professio Law Review A Julius H. Miner Moot Court Competition A Northwestern Law Review School Publication Illinois Law Review. University Chicago University Illinois. Northwestern Northwestern University Law Review .A Law Review. Members Selection Law School Law Review Participation Law Review Clearinghouse Review Northwestern Clearinghouse Review Office Economic Opportunity National Clearinghouse Legal Services. Clearinghouse Review Margaret V. Johnson National Clearinghouse Legal Services Juniors Professor Robert W. Bennett JULIUS H. MINER MOOT COURT COMPETITION To Moot Court Julius H. Miner Moot Court Competition Made Judge Julius H. Miner Moot Court Board Those Associate Justice Arthur J. Goldberg J.D Associate Justices Tom C. Clark Thurgood Marshall Potter Stewart Byron R. White Supreme Court United States. Law School National Moot Court Competition Miner Competition. STUDENT GOVERNMENT THE JUNIOR BAR ASSOCIATION All Junior Bar Association Law School. JBA Parents Day Law Day University Outstanding School JBA Speaker' Program JBA HONOR CODE Honor Code Junior Bar Association Honor Code Law School Honor Code Judicial Council Association. After Council Code Law School Law School THE WOMEN'S CAUCUS Women' Caucus Law School Caucus School. Extended Study Program Women' Caucus Weekly Caucus A Caucus BLACK LAW STUDENTS ASSOCIATION Black Law Students Association Law School. BLSA Occasionally BLSA BLSA United States University BLSA Chicago RESEARCH ASSISTANTSHIPS Each Research Assistants These LAW WIVES Law Wives Law Wife Occasionally "Mr. Hoyne School ." Letter Henry Booth Law School ADMISSION TO THE SCHOOL Every Law School U.S. Northwestern University Since Law School Consequently School Applicants School MAKING APPLICATION FOR ADMISSION Application Office Admissions Northwestern University School Law East Chicago Avenue Chicago Illinois Students School Before Application Law School Law School Law School Data Assembly Service LSDAS Educational Testing Service Health Service Health Service Student Health Bulletin. Duplicate . . . Duplicate . Mimeograph Fee A Advance Deposit An PAYMENT OF TUITION AND FEES Tuition Payments Cashier' Office Abbott Hall Division Student Finance Abbott Hall WITHDRAWAL AND REFUNDS Official Registrar School Law. Except Students Students Regardless II Registrar Law School REBATES Information Northwestern Student Finance Office Abbott Hall. Applications STUDENT DEPOSIT ACCOUNT University Cashier' Office Abbott Hall Students There FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE Law School However Thus Each "State Guaranteed Loan Program" Information These MAKING APPLICATION FOR ASSISTANCE Law School Graduate Professional School Financial Aid Service GAPSFAS . All GAPSFAS "Application Financial Aid Academic Year ." GAPSFAS GAPSFAS Graduate Professional School Financial Aid Service Box Princeton New Jersey An Law School. An SCHOLARSHIPS AND GRANTS University Law School Northwestern Francis S. Kosmerl Scholarships. A Francis S. Kosmerl Class Preference Kosmerl Scholars Lewis Larned Coburn Memorial Fund. Northwestern University Mrs. Anna Coburn School Law President University Dean School Law Jacob Newman Scholarship Fund. Mrs. Minnie G. Newman Jacob Newman Class Charles Weinfeld Scholarships. Charles Weinfeld Class Law School Charles Weinfeld Memorial. Foundation. Amounts Dean Law School Ware Scholarship. Mrs. Fannie M. Ware Lieutenant Manierre Barlow Ware Argonne Frederic R. De Young Scholarship. Frederic R. De Young LL.B. LL.D. Supreme Court Illinois Herbert C. De Young Ruth De Young Kohler Mrs. Herbert V. University School Law Illinois. Anna Louise Raymond Scholarship Fund. Anna Louise Raymond Wellington Walker Scholarship Fund. Wellington Walker Chicago Elmer A. Smith Scholarship Fund. From Elmer A. Smith Chicago Title Trust Company Foundation Scholarships. Since Chicago Title Trust Company Foundation School Law. Rufus H. Sage Scholarship School Law. From Mrs. Ellen Sage Tau Epsilon Rho Scholarship. Chicago Graduate Chapter Tau Epsilon Rho Law School. Blumberg Book Loan Fund. Nathan S. Blumberg Class Mahlon Ogden West Book Fund. A Mahlon Ogden West Class Dean. Class Scholarship. Class Farmers Insurance Group Scholarships. Farmers Insurance Group Los Angeles Northwestern Ernest V. Schroeter Scholarship Fund. From Ernest U. Schroeter Class Thad M. Talcott Jr. Scholarship Fund. From Thad M. Talcott Class Floyd E. Thompson Scholarship. Floyd E. Thompson Mrs. Floyd E. Thompson Mrs. P. Goff Beach Jr. Illinois Wisconsin Judge Thompson Supreme Court Illinois President Illinois Chicago Bar Associations Board Governors American Bar Association Law School Ednyfed H. Williams Memorial Scholarship. Ednyfed H. Williams Chicago School Law Mrs. Edna B. Williams David T. Campbell Fund. From David T. Campbell Class Hendrik Folonie Scholarship Fund. Edna N. Folonie Law School. City Products Corporation Scholarship. Since City Products Corporation Des Plaines Illinois Law School Virgil B. Day Scholarship Fund. Virgil B. Day Class Law School Virgil B. Day Sr. Dean Law School School. Annual General Electric Company Mr. Day Theodore Stone Scholarship. An Theodore Stone Class Mrs. Stone. Commencing Ernest Peter Strassburger Jr. Scholarship. American Federation Television Radio Artists Law School Ernest Peter Strassburger Jr. Class Mr. Strassburger Federation Naval Reserve. Federation Law School Armed Forces Armed Forces. John Henry Wigmore Honorary Scholarhips. Students Wigmore Scholars John Henry Wigmore Dean Law School Treatise Evidence Jewish Students Scholarship Fund. Jewish Students Scholarship Fund Inc. Law School Amy Eloise Wright Memorial Fund. Joseph H. Wright Class Law School Amy Eloise Wright. Income Harold Hoon Wo Wong Scholarship. Mrs. Harold Hoon Wo Wong Law School Class Income Hawaii Dean School. L. Shirley Tark Scholarship. L. Shirley Tark Class Law School Dean. Irene V McCormick Scholarship Fund. Irene V. McCormick Miss McCormick Chicago George M. Keane Scholarship. Law School George M. Keane. Dean Katharine Dexter McCormick Fund. Mrs. Katharine Dexter McCormick Dean' Orville Taylor Law Scholarship Fund. Orville Taylor Robert Crown Scholarship. A Law School John Crown Class Robert Crown Law School Dean. Robert Crown Memorial Scholarship. A Law School Newton Minow Class Robert Crown Law School Dean. Schradzke Gould Ratner Scholarship. A Law School Schradzke Gould Ratner Law School Dean. Arnold Shure Scholarship. A Law School Arnold Shure Law School Dean. Joseph E. Clayton Jr. Scholarship Fund. Gifts R. Eugene Pincham Class Cecil A. Partee Class Joseph E. Clayton Jr. Either Dean. Alan H. Novogrod Scholarship Fund. Students Alan H. Novogrod Class Income Law Alumni Scholarship Fund. Altheimer Gray Naisburg Strasburger & Lawton Scholarship. A Law School Altheimer Gray Naisburg Strasburger & Lawton Law School Dean. C. Lysle Smith Scholarship. C. Lysle Smith Class Dean. Dean John Ritchie Scholarship Fund. A John Henry Wigmore Club John Ritchie Dean Law School Income Dean Law School. George L. Quilici Scholarship Fund. A Northwestern University Mrs. Virginia Quilici Judge George L. Quilici Class Dean Law School. Adele Rabino Deller Scholarship. J. Oswald Deller Adele Rabino Deller Class John Henry Wigmore. Income LOANS Among Law School Charles Shapiro Morris Robert Shapiro Loan Fund Raoul Berger Law Loan Fund Mrs. J. N. Raymond Law School Fund Edward P. Summbers Law Loan Fund Law School Foundation Loan Funds. Barnet Hodes Class Arvey Hodes Mantynband Mr. Hodes' American Bar Association American Law Student Association American Bar Association Fund Legal Education American Bar Association. Inquiries Office Admissions. Phi Alpha Delta Law Fraternity Endowment Fund GRADUATE STUDY AND DEGREES Law School One School American ADMISSION TO GRADUATE STUDY AND TO CANDIDACY FOR ADVANCED DEGREES Master Laws Doctor Juridical Science Committee Graduate Studies. Although English Experience English English. Application Committee Graduate Studies Northwestern University School Law East Chicago Avenue Chicago Illinois DEGREES Two Master Laws LL.M. Doctor Juridical Science S.J.D. . Master Laws LL.M. . Master Laws University Also School Students Each To Graduate Committee During Northwestern University Law Review Journal Criminal Law Criminology. Doctor Juridical Science S.J.D. . Doctor Juridical Science Juris Doctor Bachelor Laws School Juris Doctor School. Dean Faculty · TUITION FEES AND EXPENSES Full Accommodations University' Chicago GRADUATE FELLOWSHIP James Nelson Raymond International Fellowship After Normally A A "Old Northwestern! ." Counsellor' Chorus John Henry Wigmore Dean THE SCHOOL AND ITS ALUMNI Law School School Placement Service School' School. PLACEMENT Northwestern Law School A To Law School Assistant Dean Development Placement. Through Placement Service While Each Placement Service A Law School' Some Chicago United States. Northwestern American Not Furthering Working After Others Law School United States United Nations Northwestern Through Northwestern Its United States An Law School Law School Attractive Law School. Alumni Graduating Law School' Placement Service Each United States Law School Government School Beyond Placement Service Chicago THE LAW ALUMNI ASSOCIATION Over Law School Law School' Robert R. McCormick Hall Owen L. Coon Library Law Alumni Fund School. Many A Moot Court OFFICERS President Hon. Herbert C. Paschen First Vice President Henry W. Kenoe Second Vice President Earl E. Pollock Third Vice President Patrick W. O'Brien Secretary Eugene Kart Treasurer Francis J. McConnell They Each American Bar Association Chicago Regional Vice Presidents Richard J. Flynn Harry R. Horrow Helmer R. Johnson Laurence Oliphant Norman M. Sevin Philip E. Von Ammon Paul Ziffren Immediate Past President Gordon W. Winks BOARD OF DIRECTORS Terms Expiring John J. Crown Abraham Fishman Terms Expiring Milton L. Fisher Terms Expiring Franklin A. Chanen Jerome L. Ettelson Hon. Sidney A. Jones Horace W. Jordan James T. Otis Raymond T. Suekoff Terms Expiring Isidore Brown James C. Hardman George Kelm Timothy C. Klenk Milton A. Kolar Russell H Matthias Hon. Julius J. Hoffman William R. Jordan George M Keane William W. McKittrick Richard S. Trenkman Crane C. Hauser Barnet Hodes Mark E. MacDonald Terms Expiring Esther Kegan Richard A. Jenkins Hon. Cecil A. Partee Robert W. Patterson Elroy C. Sandquist Harold D. Shapiro INDEX Abbott Hall Academic Admission Alumni Application Attendance Buildings Black Law Students Assn Calendar Classes Classrooms Clearinghouse Review Colleges Combined Corporate Counsel Institute Course Course Course Courses Curriculum Data Degrees Enrollment Examinations Expenses Facilities Faculty Fees Financial Graduate Graduation Grants Health Honor Code Honors Housing International Journal Criminal Law Criminology Julius H. Miner Moot Court Competition Junior Bar Association Law Alumni Association Law Social Sciences Law Review Law School Admission Test Law Wives Legal Assistance Clinic Legal Publications Legal Library Linthicum Foundation Program Loans Medical Methods Senior Research Program M.M. J.D. Moot Northwestern University Law Review Officers Order Coif Ph.D. J.D. Placement Pre Publications Rebates Refunds Research Rosenthal Lectures Schedule Scholarships Seminars Senior Research Program Sociolegal Student Student Student Student Supplemental Corporate Counsel Institute Linthicum Foundation Program Rosenthal
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